Challoner’s Reflection on The Imitation of Christ1

CHAPTER VI.: An Inquiry on the Proper Thing to Do Before Communion

Ont of the best dispositions for worthily receiving the holy communion, is to be resolved that Jesus shall reign for ever in our hearts; that is, that we will obey Him in all things, and refuse Him nothing that He demands of us; for it is in quality of king that He comes to us, and as the king of all bounty He comes into our souls, to be again born there, and to reign over our passions and affections.


Yes, my Saviour, when I communicate I indeed make Thee the master, the king, and the God of my heart; I then protest that I am entirely thine; but after receiving Thee, I become again the slave of my own humour, and shaking off the salutary yoke of thy empire, I subject myself to my own miserable concupiscence. At the time of communion I am all thine, but soon, alas! do I again become wholly devoted to myself. What an injustice to thy dominion! What an outrage on thy bounty! thus to rob Thee of a heart which upon so many titles belongsonly to Thee! No, I will never again withdraw myself from the empire of thy love; secure to thyself thy own conquest, and suffer me not to escape from Thee, nor ever more to be separated from Thee. Amen.

  1. Right Rev. R. Challoner, D.D., V.A., Imitation of Christ, Dublin: McGlashan and Gill, 1873

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